It’s a public holiday – what activities should we do?

For some states, it’s a public holiday. So what are some good public holiday activities for kids with autism? Sometimes the best option is to do nothing and recharge the social batteries. But if you want to get out and about, remember to schedule the days and check out the bumper list of 100 free things to do.

1. Do nothing on the public holiday

The best public holiday activity might just to stay home and do nothing!

It’s been a couple of months since the last school holiday break. Heading into winter means colds and other sickness is likely. So, a restful little break make be very welcome.

Sometimes the best activity for autistic kids is just to recharge with down time. Maybe with some cosy gaming. Or maybe watching a movie or reading a book while curled up in a cushion cubby on the couch.

2. Do ONE thing

What if you need to get out of the house to burn off some energy or stop annoying each other? One of the 100 free and screen-free activities here might do the trick. There’s plenty of outdoor public holiday activities for if the weather is nice. There are also indoor things to do if it’s cold and wet.

100 unique, free activities to do with kids that are screen-free

3. Schedule the days

While a long weekend might sound like a blessed break from work and school, three long days can sometimes be too much unscheduled time for a kid with autism. Schedule the day with a bingo card, a list, or a visual schedule. That way it’s clear what is happening when, in advance.

Schedule holidays for children with autism

4. Catch up on your autism reading

Grab a book from your reading pile of autism and neurodiversity books. Make the most of the long weekend to catch up on your reading. The more you know, the better prepared you are for any situation.

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