Our Story

Hi! I’m an Adelaide mum with two autistic children. Here’s how the NDIS Yearly Planner and Brave Capybara came to be.

The seven stages of grief were real when our first born was diagnosed with autism. There was denial – no way was our beautiful yet quirky little boy going to be labelled with a ‘disability’. There was disbelief and anger about how life was never going to be the same, followed quickly by depression thinking about the future and if our child would get a job, get married and have a successful life. Then the exhaustion of thinking about all the therapy, appointments, life changes and work it was going to take on our part to support him. As soon as acceptance and hope was felt, our second child, a daughter, was diagnosed with autism. Here we go again!

Along the way, we encountered the joys of being self-managed on the NDIS. If you think you’ve got life admin, add in self-managed NDIS, multiple weekly therapy appointments and your mental load has exponentially increased. But we weren’t able to find a planner that worked for all the organisation required. We wanted space for all the financial and therapy tracking that we needed, as well as support for mental health along the way. Also, it needed to be compact enough that it wasn’t a giant brick to carry around.

The first NDIS Yearly Planner

In 2020 the first NDIS yearly planner launched. It featured a bunch of trackers and a focus on PERMA+ positive psychology to support mental health. This was refined in 2021 with a cleaner look. Finally in 2022 we launched the perfect NDIS planner. It’s beautiful and full of space for everything you need. The Balance Planner has continued to evolve into today, supporting mums of kids on the NDIS all over Australia.

We’re delighted to share the NDIS Yearly Planner (Balance Planner) with you. We hope it helps you in your journey. Whether as a self-managed participant or carer, or as someone with lots of appointments. Or as someone who loves to stay organised and reflective.

Why Brave Capybara?

What a funny name: Brave Capybara!

You need to be a special kind of brave when living with disabilities and neurodivergence. Brave enough to advocate for your needs and the needs of your child. You also need to be brave enough to take steps forwards through your grief and the tough times parenting tricky kids. And brave enough to live with neurodivergence in a very neurotypical world.

A capybara is a really unique animal. It is the largest rodent, native to South America. Capybaras are also super cute and very relaxed. So, they remind me of an autistic child. Every autistic child is unique, just like the capybara. They have their own special sensory needs, just like how a capybara seeks out water to relax in. And while a capybara is relaxed, being emotionally regulated is number 1 on the wish list for our autistic kids. Maybe one day they’ll be chill like a capybara, and so will I (with a bit of help from the Balance Planner!).

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