Find Your Balance: 21 days of supportive emails

We’re half way through the year, you’ve already broken all your New Year’s resolutions, and you’re drowning at work hoping for a holiday. You need to find your balance.

You could go to the library and get a dozen books on productivity, habits, self-care, mental health and getting things done. Or, you could sign up for daily reminders to find your balance over the next 21 days.

We’ve collated 21 strategies and ways of being from numerous courses, life experience, books and research. It’s all gone together to create this curated list of impactful, evidence based yet simple life strategies.

Discover calm ways of being and automated routines to free up your mental space and help meet your goals. Learn about slow productivity at work, simple living, and strategies to make home chores less time consuming.

From embracing beauty to morning routines, automating money and batch processing to digital well-being. The daily reminders might bring something new to bring into your life, or be an affirmation that you’re on the right track to find your balance.

Pop your email in below to join the Capybara Crew in finding our balance this June. It’s free but crammed full of ideas and tips for simple calm living. And if it’s not working for you, you can unsubscribe with no hassle.

Find your balance: 21 days of slow calm productivity

The next 21 day course starts on 31 of May 2023. You can sign up at anytime throughout the month of June.

If you’re feeling a bit down this winter, let’s get together though these supportive emails to create the balanced life we want to live.

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See you on the calm side,

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