Balance: The secret superpower behind organisation

If I had to state a personal superpower strength, it would be organisation. At work, colleagues ask how I stay so organised and on top of work. They wonder what magic might be behind the seamless organisation that make everything run smoothly. Well, spoiler alert, the magic is a calendar.

What about home and life activities like cleaning, shopping, maintenance? How do you manage these regular activities over long and short timescales so you’re super organised? 

Spring cleaning always happens in spring, when the weather is starting to warm up and the house opens up after winter. Dental appointments for kids are every 6 months, and the car gets serviced once a year too. Then there’s the semi-regular maintenance tasks around home. On a smaller scale, there’s activities of washing hair during the week, house cleaning, washing towels or grocery shopping each week.

Organisation superpower – routines and a calendar

organisation superpower find your balance

Well, the answer again is routines, stored on a calendar. Conserve your energy and reduce the constant ‘mental load’ on you to remember and think about all these activities and when they need to be scheduled. Your annual leave time can match up with big regular appointments so it’s more convenient. Having routine times also means you don’t miss out – call up and book in advance so the appointments work on your schedule not the other way around.

Use a yearly calendar and planner to document the semi-regular activities you have. 

Longer term activities for scheduling

On a Year Planner the longer-term activities that might be scheduled once or twice a year include:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Car servicing
  • Dental appointments
  • Medical check ups or monitoring e.g. of skin moles
  • House painting
  • Appliance maintenance like releasing values, cleaning filters or changing smoke alarm batteries.

Quarterly or monthly scale routines

On a quarterly to monthly scale there might be activities like:

  • Finance check-ins
  • Toilet paper ordering or other subscriptions
  • Beauty or hair appointments
  • Prescription filling for medicines
  • Gardening planting or maintenance

These I find easier to write in as a to-do on the day or month they need to happen. If I can book in for the whole year in advance, I’ll do that so I can see all regular appointments and tasks.

Weekly routines to embrace the organisation superpower

On a weekly basis you might:

  • Pick certain days of the week as hair-washing days
  • Pick one day of the week to meal plan and another to do the grocery shopping
  • Schedule days for loads of washing and house cleaning

These routines give a pattern to everyday life and make it easier to plan and stay organised. For regular weekly or weekend tasks, I have a clear plastic bookmark in my planner with the weekend routines (library, groceries, cleaning). The bookmark slides over my ‘Saturday’ so my to-dos are pre-filled.

Download a Yearly Planner page, from the Balance Planner, that you can use to schedule your activities. You too can have the superhero power of organisation.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine


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