Balance: How to stay calm this morning with routine

How can you stay calm in the morning?

Mornings with kids can be stressful. They wake up grumpy and don’t want to eat any of the breakfast options available. The kids start fighting at the table then incessantly talk at you while you’re still waking up. Then they take forever to put on their clothes before finally throwing their shoes across the room because the laces won’t undo.

Mornings even without kids can be stressful. You have a list of things to do before racing out the door on a timeline so you’re not late. And there’s never enough time for all the amazing self care habits you promised yourself at New Years.

Why do you need a morning routine?

Routines help structure parts of the day so you don’t have to think, just do. It can free your mind to think on other things (like being creative) while sneakily meeting your goals. Routines can be ways to carve our mental space for creativity. They are also a great way to help form new habits

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What a morning routine looks like

Start with a calm moment like a cuppa. Have a rule of no talking to you until you’ve had your morning caffeine!

Set a routine of all the tasks you need to do each morning, including any habits you want to pick up. Record them step wise on a visual note, or on wrist bands that you take off as you complete a step, or It might read something like:

  • Wake up (trigger)
  • Say “It’s going to be a fantastic day” and do 3 deep breaths (healthy habit)
  • Have a shower (trigger)
  • Do 10 squats while waiting for the water to warm up (healthy habit) 
  • Get dressed and make a coffee
  • Make work and school lunches while drinking coffee
  • Pack work and school bags and put by front door

If your energy levels struggle in the morning, consider using music to boost your mood and energy. Faster paced music (in beats per minute) will naturally make you move faster, while slower music (around 60 bpm) similar to resting heart rate will calm you down and feel relaxing.

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day


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