Autism in the News October 2023

What Autism related has been in the news this October? There’s been a lot of Autism in the news recently, but mostly for negative and concerning reasons. Around the world have been stories of trauma, mistreatment and misunderstanding for children and adults with autism. But here are some positive news stories that feature autism in the news this October.

Better autism inclusion in education initiative

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From the National Tribune, Joining Fight for better autism inclusion in education, published 3 October 2023.

Four tertiary institutions in South Australia are joining together on a project. This project aims to make education in SA better for autistic children. This unified approach to initial teacher education in South Australia aims at producing the next generation of teachers. These teachers will be more inclusive and equipped to support autistic students. The tertiary institutions will be boosting their topics in inclusion and disability from next year for all students. This will include training by Positive Partnerships (the same training that SA’s Autism Inclusion Teachers participated in). This program should prepare the future generation of teachers to be more inclusive of autistic students, leading to better outcomes across the state.

Autism-friendly VR game launches on Playstation


From Newswires, published 10 October 2023.

Playstation has launched a VR game that is designed for autistic players and includes accessibility features such as a time-out zone and no fail state for cosy gaming. Called BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space, the game is an intergalactic adventure for the whole family to play.

The game creators have an autistic daughter. They say that most games are too bright, too loud and too complex in gameplay. These features don’t make gaming accessible to autistic people. As a result, the company is all about breaking down barriers to gaming for everyone.

Role model soccer player with autism

From Mancester United, published 6 October 2023

Safia Middleton-Patel, a goalkeeper for the Manchester United Women’s team, revealed her autism diagnosis. She says she wants to be a role model for other people with autism, showing that it’s not a negative stigma but a different way of looking at the world. She also wants to encourage people with autism that they can do things they want to do. Including being a pro soccer player, if that’s what they want. Safia describes her autism as like having to wear a mask in order to fit in.

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