6 ways how using a planner improves mental health

Using a planner improves your mental health by increasing a sense of accomplishment and purpose, reducing cognitive load and time spent on admin, provide a plan and tracker for proactive mental health steps, and build optimism and feelings of satisfaction. Because we all want positive mental health.

1. Increase sense of accomplishment and purpose

Accomplishment is one of the elements of positive psychology. A good planner has space to set goals for the year to give you purpose. It also has daily to-do space for productivity and getting things done. Check out more about goal setting in your planner and how it improves mental health.

The 7 life goals in my planner

2. Frees your mind (Reduces mental load)

The mental load is linked to exhaustion and relationship conflict. But with a planner, you remove things out of your mind and reduce mental load . A planner puts thoughts out of your mind and onto pap with master lists, to do, meal planners, and reminders of special events.

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3. Saves time (to give you more time for you)

A planner saves time by reducing life admin and streamlining jobs. So you have more time for things you want and that make you happy.

How a planner can reduce life admin time

4. Be proactive about mental health

Document an actual plan for proactive mental health and resilience through wellness strategies. A planner can include space for physical activity, mindfulness, reflection and gratitude, as well as reminders for connection etc and space to track it over time each day. A planner can help you put a plan into motion because, like physical fitness, mental resilience can be built and practiced.

25 strategies for mental health in your wellness plan

5. Promote gratitude

Developing a sense of gratitude is an evidence backed way of supporting positive psychology. A planner can improve mental health by reminding you each week or day to reflect on something you are grateful for. This will build feelings of optimism. There’s always something to be grateful for. If you do get stuck, check out the guide to a year of gratitude, with 52 prompts of gratitude reflections to last every week of the year.

A year of gratitude

6. Improve your physical health

Your physical health impacts on your mental health. Exercise is known to reduce stress by increasing the release of feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins. A good night’s sleep is also linked to mood and resilience. Also, chronic health problems like back ache and eye strain are negatively linked to mental health.

But how can a paper planner help with that? Interestingly, avoiding the screen has benefits for sleep, reduced eye strain, and less anxiety. Maybe a paper planner can support your mental health in many ways!

Advantages of a paper planner in a digital age

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