25 strategies for mental health in your wellness plan

Being proactive about your mental health with a wellness plan is important. Like exercising and eating healthy to look after your body, there are things you can do to be proactive about your mental state of wellness too. There’s a lot of research around evidence based strategies for positive psychology, resilient mental health, and wellness. Berkeley’s Greater Good in Action and SAHMRI’s Be Well Co are two examples of research facilities dedicated to evidence based research into wellbeing and resilience.

If you’re a carer or parent, you know life can be stressful and tiring. Looking after yourself both mentally and physically is one of those things that often gets put to the side. You put all your effort and energy into caring for kids with support needs, that you forget to be proactive about your own health. But this isn’t about self-care as a self-indulgent way of being, claiming spa days every weekend as an escape. This is about working towards wellness and resilience everyday, as a part of habits built into a wellness plan.

In the Balance Planner, there is space to record a Wellness Plan. Try out some strategies. See which work best for you, and build them into your everyday activity. Some are once-off activities, and some are activities that you can practice every day.


Promote gratitude with these strategies.

1. Gratitude Reflection

Reflect on things you are grateful for. What were your highs/smiles/blessings today? See suggested practice here.

2. Three Good Things

Write down three good things that occurred that day. Suggested steps here.

3. Gratitude Letter

Write a letter to someone expressing your gratitude. More detail on the practice here.


Find meaning with these strategies.

4. Three Photos

Go through your camera roll and select three photos that reflect things important to you, in order to discover what gives your life meaning.

5. Character Strengths

Discover your strengths and what makes you, you. Complete a VIA character strength survey here.

6. Find your ikigai

Brainstorm what you love to do, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for to discover your ikigai, or meaning in life.


Grow social connection with supportive relationships. Remember to reach out and spend time socially – record a strategy in your Wellness Plan!

7. Spend time in company

Grab a friend and spend time connecting face to face with them over a shared activity, to build social connection and support.

8. Act of Kindness

Perform a random act of kindness to feel connection to others.. and feel good about humanity. Use the Acts of Kindness bingo for ideas, both big and small.

9. Create memories

Do a new and exciting activity or adventure with someone to create memories and point of shared connection to talk about.


Feel productive, proud and purposeful with these accomplishment strategies.

10. Set goals

Reflect on life domains and set goals for the coming year. When you achieve them, create a sense of accomplishment and pride.

11. Create new habits

Build on positive well being with habits that can last a long time. See more in this short video.

12. Set up a morning routine

Start the day with a morning routine to boost a feeling of accomplishment.. maybe something as simple as making your bed each morning.


Slow down and appreciate the now with non-judgmental awareness of your surroundings.

13. Mindful eating

Slow down and savour your food. Take notice of the tastes, feel, and flavours. Appreciate all the effort and energy that went into your food and ow it is nourishing your body.

14. Mindful breathing

Breathe in for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds. Breathe out for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Try one of the 7 ways to breathe for variety.

15. Mindful walking

Go for a walk, paying attention to the sounds and sights around you. Pay attention to how you walk, and how your feet connect to the earth.

16. Soles of the Feet Grounding exercise

Singh’s Soles of the Feet exercise is one way to ground, deal with emotional distress in the moment, and connect back with your body.


Get in touch with nature for instant mood boosting.

17. Forest bathing

Go out into nature with big trees and spend time just admiring the natural world.

18. Awe inspiring photos

Take a photo of something in nature that fills you with wonder and inspiration.

19. Nature mandala

Go for a walk in your local nature reserve or along a beach. Create a mandala with natural items and allow this activity to be relaxing, creative and mindful.


Promote positive emotions and feel good.

20. Share a joke

Laugh out loud with a friend. It doesn’t matter how terrible the joke is, just share a laugh and a smile.

21. Show self compassion

We all make mistakes, yet are often highly self-critical. Extend compassion towards yourself with a meditation.

22. Positive self-talk

Practice positive affirmations towards yourself with self-talk statements or mantras. Here’s 50 to choose from.

Physical Activity

Healthy body, healthy mind. Get your endorphins pumping through exercise.

23. Get moving

Go for a run or a walk. Physical activity can boost your endorphins, making you feel better.

24. Lift weights

Lifting weights can make you feel strong and empowered, leading to a higher resilience.

25. Stretch

Get up from the chair/couch if you have a sedentary job. Stretch and move around to increase your life span and health.


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